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Herbal Formulas For Sports Injuries

Acupuncture is just one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Herbs play a vital role in healing as well.  Frederick Holistic Wellness Center carries a variety of herbal formulas to speed the healing of trauma and sports injuries.  These formulas have been tested for generations on martial artists and warriors.  We have internal formula tinctures and external ointments and liniments that are tailored for each stage of injury.


Stage 1 Acute:  Lasts from the moment of injury to 2-7 days

Characterized by the 4 signs of inflammation: heat, swelling, pain, and redness

Herbs are used that cool the area while still stimulating circulation (no ice!)


Stage 2 Sub-Acute:  Can last up to 3 weeks

Redness and heat should be gone by now, but there still may be some pain and swelling

We now switch to warmer herbs that stimulate circulation and break up blockages and stiffness


Stage 3 Chronic:  Begins 3-4 weeks after injury and can last indefinitely

Swelling is gone by now, but there is still pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion; many people stay stuck in this stage

Herbs are focused on removing lingering factors like coldness and dampness that are stuck in the injury site



Herbal Ice (San Huang San if you’re Chinese)

the go-to first treatment for sprains, strains,

and bruising with heat and swelling

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