Tired?  Stressed Out?  Low Energy?  Take charge of your health this spring.  Qi Gong is a moving meditation formulated over 3000 years ago designed to both keep people healthy and correct unhealthy patterns.  This 6 week class will teach you the basics of qi gong while you learn a basic routine to balance your body’s systems.


 Classes Now Forming!

Beginners Qi Gong

Ages: 16 & up
Dates: Mondays, 2/24/20-3/30/20

Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Location: Butterfly Ridge Rec Center
Instructor: Pat Thompson, LAc
Fee: $80 city/ $90 non city (6 week class)
Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong) translates to “energy work.” Join us to study the Chinese art of energy cultivation and movement.
Gather and circulate internal energy with gentle and graceful movements that are combined with deep breathing techniques.
We will learn a 5 Element flow that turns stress into vitality and frees energy blockages that affect our health. Come enjoy yourself in a relaxing environment.

register at https://www.activityreg.com/ClientPage_t1.wcs?clientid=FREDERIC&siteid=1
or call 301-600-1492